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Topics: Psychology, Management, Human behavior Pages: 4 (824 words) Published: April 23, 2015
Article D: Bad to great: The path to scaling up excellence- Business Brief Business: Fresh-Mex-2-Go

Assessment Item 1, Group 1.
BSB115 Management
Semester 1, 2015
Word Count: 505

Celina Crema, N9143751

1.0 Introduction: Productivity is affected by bad behaviour in workplaces. Recourse of bad behaviour in workplaces must be chosen carefully to ensure productivity levels do not fall. Our vision is to see consumers and employees more than satisfied; excited, with our products and service, therefore we need to understand how to deal with bad behaviour whilst eliciting productivity. 2.0 Analysis of Issue: In 'Bad to great: The path to scaling up excellence' the term 'destructive behaviour' is defined as selfishness, nastiness, fear, laziness and dishonesty (Rao, H., Sutton, R.I., 2014). The research suggests in order to 'spread good' throughout an organisational structure, managers and executives need to first concentrate on eradicating all destructive behaviour within the company. This often means taking courses of action firmly when employees are behaving badly meanwhile maintaining employee respect and making sure they feel valued (Williams, D.K, 2015). There are 7 ways to deal with destructive behaviour such as eradicating the need for employees to behave badly. James March (2004) considered leaders focused on the details of mundane tasks improved productivity of their teams, noting leaders who 'fixed the plumbing' were successful. 2.1 Summary: Studies have also shown swift and direct managers are likely to see the most departmental productivity (O’Reilly III, C.A, Weitz, B.A, 1980). Rao and Sutton's article proposes grouping 'Alpha' or destructive personalities together could improve the productivity of all employees and it is likely those showing signs of destructive behaviour have alot of energy, channelled wrongly. We are dealing directly with our consumers and facing close competitors, we have to stay attentive with the...
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