Vassar Paper

Topics: Drama, Mystery play, Time Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Kiya Galloway

During Bratt’s son discussion he spoke on a guy named Peter Brook a famous director, who directed the world shake sphere company when he was 16 years old. Brook is very successful which Bratt’s son said he was “very jealous” of but admired he work. Brook has been doing this for 60 years going around every continent and his famous quote from him was “All you need is an empty space and an audience’’ that quote really meant something to him as he resided it you can tell he feels as acting has change as more of acting is commercial now and theoretical because everyone goes to the movies. He also spoke on how only guys could be in the plays during the 700s-925, but when the church brought back plays which they banned for a short period of time, they then brought it back and allowed women to play women roles is the plays. He then went into the different types of play such as the miracle plays which showed life of the saints, mystery plays that showed biblical episodes, and morality plays that showed moral struggles so he briefly went back into the history of plays and explained how certain things occurred which allows us to have they entertainment today. Bratt’s son has opened my eyes to the history of on stage plays and why there so significant to us today but it’s not very well appreciated. But if everyone knew it would be very well more supported by people.
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