Vascular Tissues

Topics: Xylem, Vascular plant, Tracheid Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: June 20, 2013
. Vascular Tissues
1. Xylem
a. A. Definition
i. Principal water conducting tissue of vascular plants ii. Complex tissue bec composed of different types of cells iii. Some considered living and some are dead
iv. May perform other functions
b. Function
v. Transfer of solute
vi. For support
vii. Storage
*Different types of tissue that composed the xylem enables them to perform other functions
c. Origin
d. Components
d.1 Tracheary Elements-water-conducting elements; elongated cells that form tubes where water will pass through; dead at maturity; undergo program cell death; have secondary wall and is lignified

*presence of lignin reinforces the primary wall so that it will not collapse when water pass through bec it might have a negative pressure; permeable to water
1. Tracheids- elongated and have tapering ends and these are imperforate (ends wall are closed); vertical then lateral movement bec there is no direct vertical movement of water bec of the absence of openings at the end of the tracheid; numerous pits can be found; considered to be more primitive bec it can be seen in plants that are evolutionary primitive

#Bordered Pit
#No. of pits vary from cell to cell depending on the neighbor of the tracheid
Torus- preventing lateral movement across
*Lateral wall-
*End Wall- can be seen only in vessel elements
2. Vessel elements/members- can be seen in Angiosperms; elongated; has an end wall and these are open that means there is direct vertical movement or conduction of water and this is more efficient (product of evolution); perforated end walls *the series of the vessel elements are vessel

Types of opening/perforation plates
1) Simple- having one large lacuna; more advanced
2) Compound/Multiple- more primitive
-Pitted perforation plate
*-Scalariform- ladder-like; openings are a bit elongated and oriented parallel to each other...
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