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varsity blues

By huntmorg1995 Oct 13, 2014 402 Words
Ross Lodge
English 1302.004
3 October 2014
Varsity Blues
In the movie “Varsity Blues,” not everyone can appreciate what a small town Friday night feels like. Living life underneath a microscope. The whole town in the stands. You can practically fell them breathing down your neck criticizing every move, every play the team makes. That’s what it felt like for the boys from West Canan. No matter how tough things get you can always stand up for yourself, friends, and family.

Growing up the main characters Mox, Lance, Billy Bob, and Tweeder were a band of brothers and stuck together throughout high school. As expected of many high schools winning a district championship in football is as expected as graduating. That’s what these kids from West Canan lived for. During their senior year, the boys face many hardships along the way. As captain of the team and idol of the town, quarterback Lance, gets a knee injury throwing the whole season in a tail spin. His long time friend Mox is handed the reins to not only the team but for the town. Nobody believes he can fill the shoes of the star he’s replacing. Mox doesn’t understand the responsibility he’s given and tries to keep his nonchalant attitude. As his season carries on his attitude changes. He goes from being and average student to a cocky typical jock to soak up his stardom. After his first loss he gets a complete reality check.

As the team is faced with hardships brought on by their head coach Kilmer. Kilmer has pushed these boys too hard for too long and they finally pushed back. Kilmer was the cause of Lance’s knee injury as he pushed anesthetic shots into his knee and advises it to be done to another injured teammate. This act causes the boys to stand up to their monster of a coach. They leave Kilmer a chance to run while he can or they will tell everyone what he has been doing. This act of heroism saves many players from ridicule and even injury.

This movie shows the passion of small town sports and the pressure of living under the magnifying glass in a small town. Football in the state of Texas is like no where else in the country. You grow up playing with your best friends and will learn to always stick things out with your real brothers.

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