VARK Analysis Paper

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VARK Analysis PaperMeGrand Canyon University
Family-Centered Health PromotionNRS-429VMelinda DarlingOctober 18, 2014 The VARK Profile of Learning Preferences
When preparing to learn new material it is important to set yourself up for the greatest chance of success of learning that new material or, if teaching it, by presenting it in such a way that it will be retained. The first step in the process, involves determining the characteristics of the learner (Edelman, 2014). This can be accomplished by simply having the student complete the VARK questionnaire. The VARK questionnaire has sixteen multiple choice questions in which four answers may be selected for each question. The results provide you with not a learning style but your preferences for taking in and learning new information. Based on the answers provided an individual is identified as one of five different types of learners, Visual, Aural, Read/Write, Kinesthetic or a combination of these known as Multi-modal. It is important to understand that this is only one dimension of the overall learning style as other factors need to be considered such as environment, personality etc. However, this is considered one of the most important factors that you have control over, whether you are the student or the teacher. “Changing the other dimensions affects learning, but it was the modal preferences that had the most direct application for more effective learning” (Leite, 2010). Obviously the more information you have about who is learning, be it yourself or someone you are teaching, the better your chance of success for comprehending the new material or presenting it in a manner in which it will be best received. Preferred Learning Style and Strategies

The authors total score was 24 with values of Visual – 8, Aural – 6, Read/Write – 2 and Kinesthetic – 8. This total score as well as the answers provided make him a multi-modal learner. According to Fleming, a multi modal learner can be divided into various...

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