VARK Analysis

Topics: Kinesthetic learning, Education, Learning Pages: 3 (873 words) Published: June 1, 2014
The VARK Learning Questionnaire
Assessment and understanding an individual’s particular style of learning can assist in more effective studying; ultimately leading to greater learning, better information retention, and ultimately a more successful student. (Blasen, 2011) The “VARK Questionnaire: How Do I Learn Best?” Is a tool which helps to identify the learning styles that work best for each individual. The Questionnaire consists of sixteen questions that helps discover if a person learns through a read-write, kinesthetic, visual, or aural styles. There could also be a combination of these styles commonly referred to as a multimodal style. (Fleming,2011) Completion of the VARK assessment tool shows that this writer prefers a kinesthetic style of learning. This is a hand on type approach that includes using touch, hearing, sight, smells, and taste (Fleming, 2011). Tangible tasks help connect experiences with memories, like watching a surgical procedure rather than just reading about it. Other beneficial learning tools for kinesthetic learners would be using bright pictures, smelling and tasting food, idea explanation, the use of trial and error, participating in demonstrations, the use of real examples when learning theories, and role playing. (Studying Style: A Guide to Learning Styles, 2010) Also, since kinesthetic learners tend to get bored very easily, hands on experiences and frequent breaks are necessary to keep them attentive. (Studying Style: A Guide to Learning Styles, 2010) Not only does the VARK tool help to self identify personal learning styles, it can be used as a resource to the teacher as well. One of the greatest responsibilities of being a nurse is being an educator of health. Using the knowledge gained from this questionnaire, a nurse can be more aware of a patient’s style of learning and therefore, adapt the teaching style to better deliver education material. By utilizing better techniques to deliver more effective teaching, patient’s...
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