Vantage Services Jamaica Limited

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Industrial Relations Issues
Identify and explain the industrial relation issues in the case •What are the requirements that need to be met and or steps that need to be taken initially? Why? •analyze potential challenges or problems in the case and how they could be addressed. •At what level or levels of the Industrial Relation Systems will most of these issues have to be addressed; Explain typical procedures that would be applicable. •Justify any advice you would give under the circumstances. Conclusion



Vantages Services Jamaica Limited is an multinational corporation with parent company in Stockholm Sweden and a subsidiary in Jamaica. They viewed Jamaica as a potential place where their business would be successful hence; operations were commenced in early 2004.

After six months of operations, Vantages Services Jamaica Limited began to experience industrial relations problems. Subsequently employees sought union representation. This however, led Vantage Services Jamaica Limited to visit their parent company to seek directives on how to proceed with the impending matters. It was then suggested that a balance approached should be considered with the hope that the issues would be resolved. This would also guide the company in future endeavours.


Identify and explain the Industrial Relations Issues in the case.

1.‘employees began to complain about the way they were being treated’…… 2.‘the absence of operational policies and procedure’…… 3. ‘arbitrary Management decisions’……
4.‘variation in agreed rate of pay’……
5.‘unwillingness of the Management to have discussion about the issues employees were facing’…. 6.‘stand off between the Management and employees’
7.‘refusal of Vantage Services Jamaica Ltd. subscribing to employees being unionised’…..

One of the Industrial Relations issue identified in the case referred to the employees’ expression of feeling of unfair treatment by the Management of Vantage Services Jamaica Ltd. as quoted from the case ‘employees began to complain about the way they were being treated’. Another issue relating to Industrial Relations is Management not having any operational guidelines for the company and therefore are able to exercise their power without any discretion, as quoted from the case ‘the absence of operational policies and procedures’.

With Management making arbitrary decision displays unitary perspective of Industrial Relations where the assumptions is that Management has the right to manage and make decision which is regarded as legitimate, rational and acceptable and any opposition to it weather formal or informal, internal or external is being as irrational.

Employees were restive regarding variation in agreed rates of pay with little or no explanation, this situation would have led employees to become de-motivated and develop a lack of trust for Management.

It was observed in the case that there were lack of communication with employees and Management of Vantage Services Jamaica Ltd., as quoted from case ‘unwillingness of management to have discussion about the issues employees were facing’ which creates a gap between the employees and Management and identified that Management was unilateral in their approach, hence employees were dissatisfied and opted for the intervention of the union in order to have their voices heard.

Subjectively, Management believe that the intervention of a trade union would hamper’s employee flexibility and therefore place some constraints on what management can or cannot do with employees. As quoted in the case - ‘stand off between the management and employees and the possibility of union coming into the organization’. Hence, Management dismissed union intervention and manages the organization the best way they can.

Additionally, the non-recognition...
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