Vanraj Case Study

Topics: Madhya Pradesh, Power take-off, Uttar Pradesh Pages: 3 (717 words) Published: August 25, 2013
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Vanraj 10 HP mini tractor is a versatile technology with affordable price and attracting simple design. There are for market segments for the Vanraj 10 HP mini tractor: small (1-2 hectare of land) and marginal (less than 1 hectare) farmers, large farmers (more than 2 hectare), industries, and horticulture farmers. Vanraj 10 HP mini tractor is the suitable option for the small and marginal farmers because these two segments alone comprises for 82% of the total land holdings that does not own tractors. Average land holding in Indian agriculture has also declined from 2.3 hectare to 1.6 hectare coming easily in the range of small farmer’s market segment so profit is expected to increase due sell of large number of Vanraj mini tractors. Because big tractors (30-50 HP) are not viable for small and marginal farmers which have average land holding size of 1.4 hectare and 0.4 hectare. Marginal and small farmers are large in numbers and farm mechanization in these segments is extremely low as these farmers heavily depended on bullocks for tilling and other agriculture operations. Vanraj 10 HP mini tractor, with few modifications can easily be used material handling operations in industries. Area under horticulture is increasing especially in Gujrat and Maharartra among four states Gujrat, Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh which is responsible for 70% of total area under fruits and 40% of total area under vegetables respectively. (Annexure 1) Advantage of Vanraj mini tractor over big tractor:-

* Affordable price.
* While the lifespan of Vanraj is equivalent to that of bigger tractors (8-9 years), Vanraj can perform all the functions of a big tractor at lower costs. * Vanraj consumes only 1.5 litres of diesel per hour, whereas the big tractors consume 4 litres of diesels per hours. * Simple design helps in easy repair and maintenance.

* Smaller/Adjustable wheel base and turning radius offer better...
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