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Vanity Plates

By Kristie5 May 08, 2013 445 Words
Kristie D Bragg
Soci 210
Controversial Summary paper
February 14, 2013

Some vanity plates taking too much license

This is a section; I got out of the Charleston Gazette-mail on Sunday February 10, 2013.I found it to be very outrages, that someone would take the time out if there day to write the D.M.V a letter about someone else license plates. These people pay their money for their plates, and should be able to get what they would like without some one behind them wanting to write a letter. I believe that when they pay for them then they may have something to say about what they put on their own car or truck. I found one pros to allowing someone to write to the D.M.V about the plates on the back of a car or truck. That would be that if a gang member would try to get their gang’s symbols on their plates, because then another gang might think they are trying to over step them, shot, and kill them. The cons are that they are able to have the state have the people take their plates off their car and get a new set. Second, they had to spend more of their money to get a new set third they are taking it excessively far for the people wanting and willing to pay the extra money for the vanity plates. Third, con would be that the people are telling others what we can have or not have what happen to our freedom. Fourth, we will next be told what kind of bumper stickers we are allowed to put on are vehicles. fifth, con to this controversial piece is that we are soon not going to be able to get personalize plates for are vehicles. we will only be allowed with the standard plates, and no one will be allow to show their own personality through what you drive. Someone will always be there to make a statement that is pure and sweet into a dirty and nasty statement. The bad part about that is we are going to have to let them cause there will be nothing we can do. The sixth con to this is that it will be all over now that one state has started pulling personalized plates off cars and trucks. Next, it will be down here and mine will be the next to have to come off, even though mine are my parents initials’ (ojbpjb) someone will turn that in to a dirty statement well good luck, because I will fight may not win but they will have a fight.

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