Vandalism: Property and Good Moral Values

Topics: Property, Problem, Morality Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: August 14, 2011

*Vandalism is damage to public property by the unscrupulous.Mostly this act committed by teenagers who are influenced by culture 'punk' and 'rock' West darts. Vandalism can also be defined as ruthless estruction or spoiling of anything beautiful or venerable.[1] The term also includes criminal damage such as graffiti and defacement directed towards any property without permission of the owner.

*There are many factors that lead to vandalism.One important factor is the lack of parental guidance and attention of teenagers.Group of teenagers involved  to do this activity often come from families experiencing marital problems.  They do not receive instruction and perfect love of family. *The influence of peers can lead to vandalism. Teenagers are usually easier to copy and influenced by peers. The influence ofpeers will shape the attitudes, values ​​and behavior of youth,especially youth who drop out and face the problems of the family. Typically, young adolescents who did vandalism is in thegroup, they have no purpose, and when assembled, includingthe emergence of ideas scribbling and damaging public property. *The mass media have great influence and impact of strong and can hardly be avoided today. View scenes from the film negativeor a plan from the West which has elements of behavior towardsvandalism can also affect teenagers commit vandalism.Teenagers are usually easy to copy and according to what is seen around, including the media, let alone without guidance and proper instruction.


* The most significant impact is the problem of vandalism is unsightly especially in the LRT/KTM station are filled with writings that are not good.This situation gives a negative impression to the outside community that the people in this country do not really appreciate the facilities provided. *Vandalism practices also burdened the authorities, especially in the financial aspect. Had the...
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