Vampires vs Werewolves

Topics: Vampire, Silver bullet, Shapeshifting Pages: 4 (1834 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Lauren Gallatin
Creatures of the Night
There are two creatures or “monsters” that are known to lurk in the shadows; Vampires and werewolves. Over centuries there has been a huge debate as to which one is superior. Vampires and werewolves have always fought each other from the beginning as born enemies. Some say the werewolves are superior because they are stronger and others say the vampires are superior because they are smarter. It comes down to brawn versus brains. For me the answer is obvious; at the end of it all it is the vampires who rule over everything that goes bump in the night. Don’t get me wrong I respect all monsters. While I do believe vampires have a total advantage over werewolves there are many great qualities to being a werewolf. One is that they can walk in the sunlight and live “normal” lives among humans; at least the most normal they can be. If a werewolf has control over its curse it can have friends and family. Werewolves can have children, but they must know that the Werewolf gene can carry on to their children so precautions must be taken when choosing to have offspring. Another quality that werewolves have is that they have few weaknesses. There are only four ways to run off or eliminate a Werewolf. The first is the obvious silver weakness, which is the only element that can be used against a Werewolf. Only a silver bullet or silver blade it can hurt them, or kill them. While silver bullets are hard to come by if I heard howling I would pay the extra cost to have those bullets. Normal bullets will hurt a Werewolf but only for a short period of time so if that’s all we have then shoot first ask questions later. The second way to kill werewolves is to remove the heart, which is hard to do as they are incredibly strong and fast. It doesn’t matter how the heart is removed just as long as it’s taken away. The third is to decapitate the werewolf. They can’t do much without a head right? The only other know...
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