Values of Discipline

Topics: Life, Discipline, World Pages: 4 (1104 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Holyna Annie Gifta.G

* Introduction
* Importance of discipline
* Nature – the foundation for all discipline
* Discipline in a student’s life
* Aspects of discipline in one’s life
* A world with no discipline
* Conclusion

Discipline means training of the mind so as to make it accept willingly the control of rules or orders. In short, it is spontaneous obedience to superior authority it is a valuable lesson to learn. The great nations of the world attained greatness by subjecting themselves to the most rigorous discipline. The ancient Hindus as well as the ancient Spartans insisted on the need of leading a life of restraint, even of self-denial. They knew that without strict control, man's energies often go in waste, in useless efforts.

“True freedom is impossible without a mind made free by discipline.”

Importance of discipline:

“Life requires discipline. The world can be really tough on people who don’t get it and don’t have it.”

Discipline is necessary, in the first place, for one's moral life. Self-indulgence is a natural temptation for all men. Our senses seek easy satisfaction. But if we give way to this craving, we will, in course of time, think of nothing but this. It is easier path, to lead life of pleasures like a bed of roses; but ultimately this leads to misery. Discipline is equally necessary in our intellectual life. This intellect must function under the strict control, if it is to do any real work. Discipline is necessary in our spiritual life. The spiritual activity must be guided according to a system. This is religion. Discipline is of supreme importance in the military life—in the battlefield. The order of the commanding officer has to be obeyed, come what may. For the soldiers who march to the battlefield, the motto is -...
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