Values of Different Religions

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An executive tends to interact with people from different religions and races. He/she is bound to encounter conflict with colleagues, subordinates, and superiors due to different values, and perhaps, varying meaning for the same values. One of the ways to prepare oneself for possible encounters is to be aware of some of the values held by people from other religions.

* Islam: The religion revealed to Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) through the Quran, Holy Book of Islam. Muslims are obliged to pray Allah (SWT) five times a day according to a very rigorous schedule, at dawn, around noon, in the afternoon, at dusk and at night. These prayers can only be merged in specific cases, such as visiting a foreign country or during a journey exceeding 80 kilometers. Talking about the workplace, an issue could arise regarding the fact that Muslims have to pray and according to what we stated above, there are two compulsory prayers during the work time – at noon and during the afternoon. Malaysia or other countries try hardly to give either some right to majority and minorities or not at all. We have been hearing, mostly in the West, that Islam creates problems in the workplace since they want to pray but we truly believe that it goes back to the company policy to allow or not their employees to perform any act of faith at the workplace. E.g. a friend of mine works for Rothschild Bank in Switzerland, which is owned by the head of Zionism – Baron de Rothschild – and when he said that he was Muslims, without claiming any obligation to pray, they showed him a room where he can pray and that is happening in a secular country where religion should remain private (between the individual and God). The problem of food arises as well since Muslims are not allowed to eat non-halal meat and pork meat, the organization should make it clear that either they serve special meals for Muslims or there is no distinction.

* Buddhism: Buddha himself instilled the religion of Buddhism through his teachings and wisdom. Later, practiced by great scholars like Confucius. Their prayers are mostly verbal and for specific cases, like ‘mealtime prayer’ or ‘refuge prayer’. They don’t go to the temple on a specific day at a specific time but only when they can, commonly on a full moon day. There is no hindrance to work according to Buddhist principles since they have no restriction on foods and they can go to the temple when they can.

* Hinduism: A monotheistic religion that has one God but many representations of the same God. We are here facing a conflict where Hindus can pray either in family or at a local temple but it is not mentioned on what frequency basis. Tuesday and Fridays supposedly to be the days they should go to the temple to pray. They have to eat vegetarian so it goes back to the same problem as Muslims, either the corporation does the necessary work to incorporate vegetarian meals or they make a stand where everybody is equal.

* Judaism: The religion which came down to Earth with Moses (PBUH) and under different revelations (Talmud, Zabur and Torah). Jews are not allowed to use any electric or electrical appliances during Shabbat which starts few minutes before sunset on Friday until Saturday, where a congregative prayer is held at the synagogue. According to what we know, Judaism does not create any conflict in the workplace, except with food-related issues like seafood that cannot be...
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