Values Neutrality Paper

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Sociology Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Fenote’ Cherry

In the field of Counseling, I feel that in the area of one’s morals and beliefs it is imperative that one’s Values and moral beliefs are not imposed on the client. The topic is quite problematic as it is very Difficult not to express one’s true core beliefs and their morals in making observations and making Assessments. The topics which seem to be very controversial such as Abortion, Divorce, and Sexual Orientation may propose many conflicting viewpoints.

In the therapeutic process one may want to remain objective , so that one would not influence the Client in the area of his decision making being persuaded by the counselor. It is indeed unethical to Induce one’s beliefs on another as it does not allow the client to be Autonomous; or make their own Self-determination; which could cause harm by violating the rights of the client, ultimately violating the Codes of Ethics.

Counselors are allowed to give their concise opinion if asked how they stand on a particular topic. However, in regards to disclosure of a counselor’s viewpoints, the counselor must strategically allow The client to express their core beliefs. The core beliefs are based on many factors which include family Dynamics, Cultural, Moral and Ethical factors.

It is my opinion that one can not completely hide their feelings or mass them as to remain totally in A position of Neutrality on many topics because of strong convictions one may have. The ultimate goal Is to bring the Client to the realization of the best alternative regarding themselves and those within Their immediate circles and spheres of influence.
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