Values Are the Core Beliefs Upon Which the Organisation Is Founded.

Topics: Value, Virtue, Culture Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: January 21, 2013
An organisational value is “a belief that a specific mode of conduct is preferable to an opposite or contrary mode of conduct” according to Rokeach (1973, The Nature Of Human Values). We can think of them as representing frameworks for the way we do things. Some organisations think of their values as their “guiding beacon” directing the process of organisational development and growth. Others describe them as the components of their philosophy. They do relate to how organisations deal with their beliefs about people and work. They define nonnegotiable behaviours. More and more studies show that successful companies place a great deal of emphasis on their values. Any organisation which espouses particular values will tell you that those values underpin their vision. Values at work assist us by;  Providing a framework for how we treat one another at work.  Providing a framework for how we treat our customers.  Helping us make sense of our working life and how we fit in the big picture.  Providing a framework for achieving the vision and increasing the effectiveness of the organisation.  Creating an environment conducive to job satisfaction as well as finding work which is exciting and challenging.  Differentiating one organisation from another. Values at work are increasingly important because;  We work in stressful times, and they give us guidelines for our behaviour.  Because it is a highly competitive world and they help show our customers how we are different from other providers, and potential staff how we differ from other prospective employers because they say “This is what we value here”.  People are increasingly aware of organisational values and look for them, frequently choosing one organisation over another because of their values.  They provide the basis for achieving culture change.  They help enable people and organisations to succeed.  They impact on professional practice.  They can provide a...
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