Values and Ethics

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Individual Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: March 20, 2011
The relationship among professional values, ethics, and career success Clarence M. Redrick, Billy Price, and Alex Jones

March 22, 2011
University of Phoenix

The relationship among professional values, ethics, and career success

Individual professional values and ethics determine the success of ever person. What exactly does this mean for different people? How can it influence his or her success and possibly their character? This article will define each element and observe how it plays a detrimental part in overall success. Before individuals can understand how values and ethics play a part in their own success, we must first understand what they actually mean. According to (, “values” is defined as relative worth, merit, or importance. It also says to consider with respect to worth, excellence, usefulness, or importance. To one individual, their value may be their career. Individuals with this value will work at one job or career and remain loyal to that company until a layoff occurs or a better opportunity arises. They will not move from job to job because of the instability and the shame or worthlessness they might feel because of job hopping. Another person’s value may be promotional success within the company he or she works for. They take every opportunity to excel by studying further upon the position they want to move into, or might even consider furthering their education to obtain the required degree/training for that position. National Defense University defines value as “The embodiment of what an organization stands for, and should be the basis for the behavior of its members” ( In the article written by the National Defense University, it discusses how values are used to push a positive image within an organization, whereas the values that guide the organizations behavior are different. Values are not just...

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2. National Defense University,
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