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Kelsi Kelly
HNC Social Care A
Social Care

Values is culturally defined standards by which people judge desirability, goodness and beauty and which serve as broad guidelines for social living as well as public policies. Values have a major influence on a person behaviour and attitude. There are many types of values people believe in such as family, moral and traditional values.

I have many different values one which is manners this is mostly a family value for me as I have been brought up to be polite and respect the people around me, this could also be considered as a traditional value. Another thing I value is happiness this is a personal value for me, I believe in being happy as much as you can and to keep a positive mind set, happiness is also a key factor in helping me get through the tough times that I face through-out my life. Motivation is something else I value and this is also a personal value. I always try my hardest to stay motivated and be positive, I value this is because it helps me to keep going and to give all I have in order to receive the best results in whatever I do.

Three core values that influence practice are respect, confidentiality, non-judgemental attitude and protection. Maintaining a non-judgemental attitude around the clients is very important. The belief of social care work does not include assigning guilt or innocence. When using a non-judgemental attitude you have to allow the listener to hear and understand exactly what is being said and enable the person to talk freely and comfortably about problems without feeling that he or she is being judged. The attitudes involved in being non-judgemental are acceptance, genuineness and empathy. Acceptance is all about representing the person’s feelings experiences and values, even if they are different from yours it is important that you do not criticise them because of your own attitudes or beliefs. Genuineness is about showing the person that you accept them and...
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