Value Systems

Topics: Rape, Gender, Sexual intercourse Pages: 3 (1404 words) Published: March 17, 2012
In the following paper am going to discuss with my value system and my critical thing about my sexual decision I made in the past and the ones I will be making in the future. I will also explain the effects the environment and historical perspectives have on your sexuality and I going to discussed my gender id and what make me who I am. Also I am going to analyze the effect of attraction and love in my relationships and I’m also going to explain to how sexual abuse can change you live and how sometime people don’t realize how much these victims suffer.

My value system and critical thinking about my sexual decision has stay the same before and after this courses because I have learn from my mistake a long time ago that have sex to soon can cause a lot of problem and it can make other people think that you’re ready and you’re really not . I feel that you shouldn’t have sex until you ready to deal with the entire thing that could happen like teen pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases and stuff like and you should wait to make sure you true care about this person before you decide to have sex with them. My senior of high school I started date a guy who made me change my mind about have sex before I really want to and I regret that every day . so after that I give up on all my value I had about sex until I met my husband who I guess you can said made see the light at the end of a tunnel because I very high value now and I want to make sure my son wait until he is truly ready to have sex and I want too always be there to help make that kind of decision because I don’t want him to deal with what I had to. The effect of the environment and historical perspectives has not affect my sexuality as much as I would if I was in a same sex Relationship because not all people like same sex Relationship and in past it was frown upon because it not the normal but I feel that people should be with who ever make the happy if they are happy with that person then so be it...
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