Value System

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VEValue system
Values can be defined as the moral beliefs or convinction that guide judgement and action in different situations.the values of a society reflect what is considered good or bad in that society .for ex,respect for elders. Similarly,every co. has its own moral convictions or beliefs .corporate values are the moral beliefs of the coporate sector.values likes honesty and truth are the basic value of the society.therefore,businessman are the expected to avoid adulteration and hoardings of hoods, false weights and black marketing and false misleading ads.etc. Values and ethics are closely related with each other.ethics is the entire body of moral values and values are the language of ethics. A system of shared values and beliefs which prescribe behavioural norms to judge the activities of members of an organization is called corporate cultures . It reflects the organizational climate within which people considered the same things imp.when employees understand and shared the corporate values ,their behavior tends to be uniform and consistent .for ex, if every employee of a co. beliefs in “ customer satisfsction the co. will perform better.” Categories of business values

Managerial values :-honesty, loyalty, truth, gentleness.
Leadership values:-transparency ,truth, friendliness, fairness, & equality. Organizational values:- social responsibility, non-discrimination, satisfaction of the customer , quality of products & services. Indian ethos in mgmt.

All were in an opportunity for doing good to the world & thus gaining materially & spiritually in our lives. Strength & inspiration for excelling in work comes from devine. The one who works with calm and even- mind achieved the most. As we think, so we succeed ,so we become ,attention to means ensures the end. By mutual co-operation respect & follow feelings all of us will enjoy the highest good both material & spiritual.
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