Value of a Bachelors Degree
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June 1, 2013
ENG 112-0011S
Is a Bachelors Degree Only Worth the Prestige? Having a bachelor degree was a way of showing how successful you have become in your life. The value of these degrees has come into question recently. The value of a bachelor’s degree has dropped significantly over the years. We will look into why the value of the degree has depreciated over the years. For starters, someone with a Bachelors degree could have expected to receive top priority when being considered for a job position. Today, a bachelors degree might get your foot in the door for an interview, but with so many competitors, landing the actual job might prove to be more difficult. Secondly, depending on your field of study, getting a bachelors degree alone may not be enough to achieve your financial goals. Are the student loans going to hold you back? Do you need to continue you education even farther to achieve your desired success? Finally, the cost of getting your degree is very expensive and may not be worth going into debt. There are many types of bachelor degrees. A Bachelor in Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor in Science (B.S.) are the primary types of degree but there are many more. For example, a Bachelors of Forestry is not going to help you get a job in computer sciences. The various types of bachelor degrees let the students have a variety of degree programs to choose from. An employer who may only ask for a Bachelor of Arts may find themselves wishing they clarified more on the job posting web site.
Employers considered applicants with Bachelors degree a priority over applicants with just a high school diploma or an associate’s degree. Not everyone agrees that a bachelor’s degree should be a qualification for getting a job. Charles Murray agrees that both applicants and organizations would benefit from doing away with a degree requirement (567). Students who go through certification programs instead of degree program will be able to show employers that they are

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