Value of Technical Publications in Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp)

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Position Paper on

Value of Technical Publications in
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Besides transferring knowledge, technical publications are also used for marketing a product. Before a product is released in the market, information about the product needs to be effectively communicated to the customers.

Well-designed, accurately presented, and attractive marketing collaterals increase the market prospects of a product and reduce support costs.

ERP software in India was originally treated as support software and used for back office functions. As companies began to understand the diverse applications of ERP, it was shifted from maintenance of back office functions to the whole of the company. [pic]

■ Business Proposals
■ Legal Disclaimers
■ Policy Manuals
■ Style Guide Design
■ Template Design

TWB is a leading technical communication outsourcing company that provides services in technical documentation.

TWB is the ideal choice for leading vendors of ERP solutions. TWB helps customers with all their technical documentation needs such as user guides, administration guides, installation manuals, process and workflow documentation, configuration documents and training materials.

TWB works closely with client teams located globally, and assists them in meeting their worldwide product announcements and launch deadlines. TWB’s documentation services enable customers launch their products with world-class documentation.

An enterprise system is implemented to develop a business or make it more effective. This is a large investment, and with competition increases and lower profit margins, keeping implementation costs low is important.

Up to 80% of the total cost for an ERP system is connected to maintenance activities. A major factor that affects the maintenance of the system, positively or negatively, is the quality of documentation. If the documentation is not satisfying, it needs to be restructured, which leads to a sizeable increase in maintenance effort and total costs. TWB provides documentation with professional quality.

Further, ERP systems are standardized systems, which often need modifications to suit the requirements of a specific organization. It is essential for the documentation to be updated accurately and effectively, to reflect the changes made after customization.

■ Economic Business Research
■ Industry Analysis
■ Market Opportunity Analysis
■ Competitive Business Analysis
■ Company & Prospect Profiling
■ Reporting Solutions
■ Assessment of Unmet Market Needs
■ Status and Potential of Technologies
■ Benchmarking of Strategies Vs Competition
■ Forecasting
■ Sales Force Effectiveness
■ Market Assessments
■ Competitive Intelligence
■ Opinion Leadership
■ Emerging Markets - evaluation and research

TWB – Leading Technical Documentation Outsourcing Company

Attractive Publications as Useful Marketing Tools

■ Document Management Solutions
■ Record Management Storage and Retrieval

Records Management

■ Software Translation Services
■ Document Translation Services
■ Localization (L10N) Testing
■ Internationalization (I18N) Testing

Translation and Localization

In technical publications, audience is the focal point. Hence, the style, language, and content must vary depending on the type of audience being addressed. It is because every user has a specific role in the implementation and usage of the technology. Therefore, it is important that documents be created keeping in mind the role of the person who will use the document.

For example, when you document a software application designed for highly technical users, it is sufficient to provide the users with quick reference information to use the application.

For users who start without technical or product knowledge, it is important to provide detailed product information along with...
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