Value of Technical Publications in Automotive Engineering Industry

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Value of Technical Publications in
Automotive Engineering Industry

Providing useful and accurate documents is critical to ensure that the user can easily find the required information. If the end users cannot find the answers to their problems, they assume that the documentation is useless.

To be useful, the documentation must be clear, concise, and well designed. The documentation that is accurate and complete also needs to be well designed.

Accurate and easy-to-understand technical documentation is the only way to provide information to the end user, and it is also cost-effective.

India is the 9th largest automobile industry in the world, with a production of 2.3 million units in 2008 alone. In 2009, India became Asia’s 4th largest exporter of cars.

Automobile companies like Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota and Hyundai have expanded manufacturing facilities to India. Nissan and Hyundai predict an export of over 250,000 vehicles by 2011. [pic]

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TWB is a leading technical publisher with an excellent record of providing unmatched technical documentation to many major companies.

TWB is the ideal choice for leading manufacturers in the automotive industry. TWB helps customers with all their technical documentation needs such as design documents, analytical reports, handbooks, technical specification documents, technical reports and training materials.

TWB works closely with client teams located globally, and assists them in meeting their worldwide product announcements and launch deadlines. TWB works round-the-clock with client teams and help them with quick responses that facilitate timely distribution of documents around the globe.

Rapid technological advances in the automotive industry have resulted in complex and diverse technical products. The task of creating documentation for such a wide range of products may seem complex and daunting, since documentation has to be revised or updated to keep pace with advancements. Quality documentation is easy to update and maintain, reducing the cost involved despite the massive amounts of documentation required by the industry.

Differences in the functionality and quality of technical products are slowly reducing. However the complexity of these products is increasing correspondingly. As product complexity increases, the quality of the documentation is often the deciding factor in customer decision making. TWB provides documentation with professional quality.

Product liability regulations, like the EU product liability directive, have impacted technical documentation enormously. Today, the demand for experts in technical documentation is high to guarantee quality document creation, thus avoiding legal ramifications.

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TWB – Leading Technical Documentation Outsourcing Company


Attractive Publications as Useful Marketing Tool

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