Value of Technical Publication in the Semiconductor and Soc Industry

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TWB services a wide range of technology and knowledge driven industries, helping them meet their markets better, these include:

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“TWB believes that technology cannot exist without being communicated effectively.”

“Knowledge is people, money, learning, flexibility and competitive advantage. Knowledge is more relevant to sustained business than capital or labor. And yet knowledge remains the most neglected asset of a business. TWB helps you unlock and share your technical knowledge with the world.”

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Position Paper on

Value of Technical Publication in the Semiconductor and SoC Industry

■ Competitive Growth in the Semiconductor Industry: Growth of semiconductor vendors relies heavily on an accurate, timely, and cost-effective documentation process. Semiconductor vendors cater to a global audience and hence need simple-to-read content that will minimize localization expenses, while staying ahead of competitors. ■ Value of Technical Publications: Technical Publications are very essential for transferring product knowledge to end users. Provisioning of proper material to use the technology and products enables the user to accept and efficiently use the product. Faulty documentation can lead to inaccurate and hard-to-understand content which will have a negative impact on the product’s performance in global markets. ■ Role of Documentation Outsourcing: The complexity involved in implementing a SoC device requires that vendors and purchasers consider outsourcing their development needs to well-established technical publications solutions providers. This helps the company cut costs and at the same time deliver their products with quality documents.

United States represents the world's largest SoC market, worth an estimated US$10.4 billion in 2007, as stated in a recent report published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Asia (excluding Japan) and Europe are the second and third largest markets respectively. The three regions collectively account for about 80% of the global SoC market.


Partnering with TWB has extremely benefited many companies in saving costs and producing professional documentation along with: ■ Representing complex chip designs in simple documents
■ Protecting technical and commercial data of newly developed products ■ Updating and managing documents easily

Challenges and solutions

Some of the greatest documentation challenges that most companies face today include: ■ Timely availability of quality documents during product release ■ Frequently updating the documents for changes in integrated designs ■ Difficulty in acquiring robust domain knowledge for documenting complex designs

To capture the market, companies require system development teams to design better products. At the same time, functionality integration, saving cost and product documentation are very important to improve the market performance. In most cases the integration function of SoC is transferred only through quality documents.

Documentation for a new product requires working closer with the relevant development teams. Later, this knowledge is used to provide documentation about functionality, behavior, implementation, and integration into a SoC.

TWB provides structured documentation solutions that maximize comprehension and ease-of-use. TWB has expertise in working on complex domains and delivering quality documents. TWB provides continuous documentation support to update the changes in products.

Growth and Penetration of Semiconductor Industry

The SoCs average growth volume is 31% a year. In 1999, SoC shipments leaped whopping 116 percent i.e. 345 million units from 160 million units (1998). Later, in...
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