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Value of Pets

Topics: Sociology, Human, Love, Feeling, Emotion, Thought / Pages: 2 (314 words) / Published: Nov 23rd, 2010
Values of Pets to people
Materialism is a way that people use to measure their social status and success. Some people think having pets is one of the values that can show the high value of their material possession; with a high value of pet, these people feel satisfied and successful in their life. However, most people do not think that having pets is a value of materialism. Most of the people think the values of pets are love of human being, benefit and helpfulness.
One of the values that pets serve for people is companionship. Pets give people a feeling of love, pleasant and not being alone. People spend a lot of times with their pets than anyone else; therefore, they treat their pets as members of their families. By having pets, people feel responsibilities for their little ones. They take care of their pets’ health and diet like taking care of their children. Moreover, raising pets give people a great feeling of they are needed, so that they feel not alone. Pets have abilities to make people in a good mood. Most people have felt a warm feeling inside just by stroking or getting their face licked by their pets. By having physical contact with pets, people feel relaxed and comfortable. For example, after a hard day at work, touching or having fun with pets really help people to calm down and relax. Also, simply talking to pets can be very therapeutic because pets are good listeners. People often talk to their pets to share their thoughts, feeling, troubles and worries. Although their pets will not give them any solutions for their problems, the act of talking about their concerns with a good listener may help people find their own solutions. Consequently, talking to pets help people to relax and feel better.
Other values that pets serve for people are beneficial. pets

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