Value of Organizational Behavior

Topics: Organization, Motivation, Management Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: August 28, 2013
There is no question business management must value organizational behavior. An organization is made up of people. People and their behaviors determine the direction of the organization. As mentioned in the reading , “ Understanding, predicting and management of human behavior in organizations” (Luthans, 2011) is so important because it is the driver of sales production, profitability and overall performance of the organization. Fundamentally, the bottom line of any organization rests on the overall productivity of its work force. Individuals and their behaviors determine the key, controllable variables that impact the overall profitability of a company. Human capital and and management of behavioral influence on an organization determine which direction an organization is headed. Identifying the obstacles that interfere with positive productive human involvement and influence is a vital component of successful management practices as it relates to organizational behavior. As a manager monitoring the environment and the behavior of their workers is a must. The morale, the interaction and the overall attitude of their subordinates will definitely play a role in goal attainment. Close monitoring of the changes in today’s workplace will allow managers to proactively maneuver and adjust measures that are needed to be successful. The study of Organizational Behavior gives insight to observations that have been made. The research methodologies show evidence of important findings in behavior. As discussed the real question remains to be successful application of these findings. Given how new many of findings are in this field of study, many managers are skeptical as to practical application. It is always a task to institute new ideas and concepts as it relates to application. The evidence based approach to organizational behavior gives managers a place to start. Communication with continuous feedback will be a requirement to record and account for the...
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