value of life

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The Value of Life
We may not ask ourselves what life means to us very often, but when death flashes before your eyes, that is when the true value of life because apparent to us. We are able to get a clearer image of life when we know or become more aware that we may not always have it. Life, is not about a mere calculation of everything you have ever earned or spend in your existence, but rather all the memories you made and experience you had that taught you about yourself. Everyone has a different point of view on how much the value of life means to them. Armstrong and Jenkins, Shakespeare, Ripley, and Mitch Albom have shown how much the value of life means to them in different ways. The value of life for me is that life has no price tag, you have to learn how to overcome your obstacles, and enjoy every little moments is your life.

In this article called, “What is a Life Worth?” Ripley mentions that the life has no price tag. Amanda Ripley says, “The concept of assigning a price tag to a life has always made people intensely squeamish” (42). In this article Ripley talks about the attack that happened on 9/11. She is talking about the families that lost their love ones in this attack. One of the family member said that the government is putting a price tag on the ones that lost their lives in the attack, by giving money to their families. This person also says that the money that the government is giving them is not going to bring them back or make us stop feeling like they are not here. No matter how much money the government is going to give them it’s not going to bring back the life of their love ones. There never should be a price tag on someone’s life.

I think that the society assign value to human life by the choices you make. The society makes famous people’s life more valued than others because they have done something for the community. These famous...
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