Value Engineering

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Following are the phases to be carried out in value engineering job plan. 1) Orientation phase 2) Information phase 3) Function analysis 4) Creation phase 5) Evaluation phase 6) Investigation phase 7) Implementation phase

2.1 ORIENTATION PHASE: Following are the steps to be carried out in the orientation phase. Lays foundation for value efforts Project selection Forming the team Laying out responsibilities to each member of team Identifying and overcoming road blocks Profess and practice better relations

2.2 INFORMATION PHASE: Following are the steps to be carried out in the information phase. Collect data using focus groups, market research, consumer surveys etc. Collect, verify, test, update, process and select information Get the information from best resources Information to be collected like specifications, drawings, sketches of assembly, subassemblies, parts and their quantity Product Design & Value Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajkot

VE JOB PLAN Also collect information for operating experience, maintenance, service records, marketing, product history, equipments, methods & sequence of operations, tools, dies, moulds, jigs and fixtures

2.3 FUNCTION ANALYSIS: Following are the steps to be carried out in the function phase. Team defines the functions of the item under study Classify the functions in to either primary or secondary function Evaluate the functional relationships Go for function-cost analysis for each function When the analysis is complete, the necessary and un-necessary functions will be visible.

2.4 CREATION PHASE (OR SPECULATION PHASE): Following are the steps to be carried out in the creation phase. To formulate alternative ways for accomplishing the functions Blast ideas, create ideas and then refine ideas Provides functions at lowest possible cost Greater number of ideas, more likely

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