Value Chain of Starbuck

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Pro-forma A
Value of the product/service for the customer

1. Name of Company: Starbucks Coffee Company
Starbucks was firstly opened by three partners at Seattle on March 30, 1971. At the beginning, it was only a small store selling freshly roasted whole bean coffee. But now, by the tremendous effort from the chairman, Howard Schultz and every partner (employee) of Starbucks, it is an international company having more than 16,000 stores around over 50 countries over the world. They take great care to roast the best quality of hand-crafted coffee and share this passion with all customers. As listed on the mission statement, “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time”.

2. Description of Products/Service
* Drinks: Starbucks is not only known for their high quality coffee such as Espresso and Frappuccino®, it also provides a wide range of beverage to customers, for example Tazo® Tea, chocolate beverage, juices and smoothies. * Foods: Freshly made food item and pastries are also on their recommendation. * Services: The outstanding and personalized customer services provided in the relaxing atmosphere of each store are also the crucial factors of contributing Starbucks to be one of the most admired companies in the world.

3. The key products or services attributes
High quality coffees:
The coffees of Starbucks are all about quality, sourcing the finest coffee bean with passion, roasting them with lots of care, delivering the coffees with hearts to customer. They also put a lot of effort to improve the lives of farmers who grow the coffee beans. Therefore, they can ensure they are providing the highest quality to each customer. True heart customer services:

Starbucks services provide to customers are about human connection. Services by their partners are also unforgettable other than their coffee. Each customer is served with great care and as an individual. Personalization services are provided and all requests are responded quickly. Partners are fully engaged and connected with the customers. Comfortable store:

The relaxing atmosphere of stores of Starbucks is drawn to customers. By the combination of clean and neat environment, light music and soft lights, customers can chat with their friends and even enjoy their life in a slow speed. They can also browse the internet with the computers or high speed Wi-Fi. Furthermore, customers can customize their own music CD in Hear Music Coffeehouse of some stores when enjoying beverages from Starbucks. Therefore, Customers can feel the sense of belonging in the stores, like their third home. Here are some signature products of Starbucks: Caramel Frappuccino


Tazo Green Tea Latte

4. Type of research undertaken
The type of the research is quantitative. Quantitative research is used to explain observed phenomena by statistical models. Therefore, the hypothesis of cause and effect relationships between dependent and independent variables with different attributes can be analyzed. The content of the survey is about how the customers of Starbucks values on their products and services.

➢ Target: General Hong Kong officers
➢ Sample size: 50 surveys
➢ Types of surveys:
Customer surveys (30 surveys)
Mail surveys (20 surveys)
Organization surveys (10 surveys)
➢ Locations:
Times Square store at Causeway Bay
Harbour City store at Tsim Sha Tsui
New Town Plaza store at Shatin
(Customer surveys)
The lecture of Value Chain Management by the University of Greenwich at First Commercial Building centre (organization survey) ➢ Date:
11 June 2012
13 June 2012
16 June 2012
➢ Time:
Breakfast time (0700-1000)
Lunch time (1100-1400)
Tea time (1500-1700)
Dinner time (1800-2200)

5. Purpose of research
The purpose of this research is to capture the true emotion and feelings how customers feel about Starbucks and hence to...
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