Value Chain Management

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Value chain management applies to business-to-business commerce, but in today's modern day market places, it is seen that consumers are not taken into consideration under three circumstances: when manufacturing a product, the service experienced at a retail store, or what values a consumer relates the product towards, and guarantee a return purchase. The business-to-business value chain management has grown into a business-to-consumer management. In all cases management chains must be integrated and operate in a seamless manner, but must also be made to order to specific consumer requirements.

Statement of Purpose
This paper will analyze the impact of value chain management on retail customer relationships, consumer values, and manufacturer relationships. The report will discuss how management works in these factors by implementing strategies that include the consumer's attitude, giving the retailers sufficient product knowledge, and building the product to customize. Companies use the Internet which studies show how to sell the product, where and to whom. All these factors will produce a profitable, customized and focused company who meets the wants and demands of their consumers.

The report will discuss how companies notice customer values and know what techniques are used to create a correlation from the buyer to the product. Management from retailers must implement customer service and order inventory to ensure a full stock. Manufacturers seek customer relationship by eliminating the middle man (retailer) and selling via internet. Researching finds new trends seen in the market and the manufactures therefore create to customize to the consumer. I will not discuss any Internet software programs being used among the mentioned companies involved.

The amount of time allocated for the research paper due to the 6-week time frame. No primary research was used in this paper.

Methods of Research
The method of research for this paper is secondary research. Reference sources include: ProQuest and Emerald located at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library at California State University, Los Angeles.


Retail Consumer Relationship
Employees must keep the motto of "the customer is always right," When emotions are involved employees must shine to implement the store's message because even if the product may be/look nice in the marketing campaign, if the employees can't deliver it won't matter. "When employees fully understand the parameters they operate in and can trust their employers to stand by these criteria, then they become endowed with a self-confidence that's quite liberating… the employee can act to solve the customer's problem then and there." (Gordon, 19) Customer service creates value in sales and sales create the supply and demand in consumer products. Retailing is basically the final link between the production and the goods and the end consumer. Traditionally, the role of the retailer has not always been recognized or appreciated. "At its simplest, the retailer's function is to buy goods in anticipation of consumer demand, collect and store these and make them available when required." (Runciman, 49) Inventory for a retailer is primary towards a sale. Kurt Salmon Associates were commissioned to conduct a supply chain analysis. The results of the study showed the delivery time for the apparel supply chain, from raw material to consumer, was 66 weeks long, 40 weeks of which were spent in warehouses or in transit. The long supply chain resulted in major losses to the industry due to financing the inventory and lack of the right product in the right place at the right time.

Consumer values
What is it that makes consumer purchase? "Consumers are interested in a wide variety of products and they want immediate gratification and convenience. Those needs...
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