Value Chain

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Table of content
1. Introduction1
2. Leadership effectiveness in different management levels1 3. Criticize different leadership styles in various management levels3 4. Review leadership five power source in different management levels4 5. Critical review how ethics influence on leadership5

6. Review social responsibilities’ positive impact on leadership5 7. Analyze stakeholders and their goals have influenced on leadership6 8. The relationship between society and leadership6
9. Conclusion7
10. Reference List9

1. Introduction

Nowadays, leadership plays extremely important role in most of the business in the world. The assignment basically includes the main aspects of leadership theory and analysis; leadership in different management levels, leadership ethics, and how does social responsibilities influence leadership.

Leadership effectiveness does work in different management level, for example, lower management level, middle management level and top management level, through different leadership styles. Five power sources for any leadership would have to face ethic dilemma. Social responsibility positively impact on leadership as well as society.

The CEO of P&G , A.G. Lafley create significant innovation, increases total number of sales, apply leadership in customer relationship , human resource management and also adopt an appropriate method in research and development, organization, operation and marketing.

2. Leadership effectiveness in different management levels

Supervisory or Lower Level of Management. (Akrani,G 2011)
The lower level management performs:
1. Along with the experience and basic management skills, they also require more technical and communication skills. 2. They develops morale in the workers

Scenario exemplify
Jim Stengel, Procter chief marketing officer develop his own way to deal with customers. He argues with people who spend less than 4 hours a month with customers. That is lack of communication skills. Making decision on washing their clothes, clean their floors, and diaper their babies daily or weekly.

Executive or Middle Level of Management. (Akrani,G 2011)
The middle level management:-
1. They spend more time in co-coordinating and communicating. 2. The middle Level Management has limited authority and responsibility. They are intermediary between top and lower management. They are directly responsible to the chief executive officer and board of directors

Scenario exemplify
Deb Hennretta, the president of P&G’s baby-care division. She spends more time coordinate and communication with customers and female customers. Link and communicate with lower management such as Jim and top management like Lafley.

Administrative or Top Level of Management. (Akrani,G 2011)
The main role of the top level management :-
1. They spend more time in planning and organizing
2. The top level management has maximum authority and responsibility.. They are directly responsible the success or failure of the organization largely depends on their efficiency and decision making.

Scenario exemplify
Roger had run P&G’s Asia and beauty-care operations. Lafley performs high top level management by controlling cost, core competency of product, trim prices on many P&G products. Any operation management tasks are decided by Roger. By the way, Lafley has maximum authority and take full responsibility if the mission is failed.

Geert Hofstede (1977) studied culture within organizations. Part of his study was on the dependence relationship or Power Difference. The power distance within different culture, organization, association are different. In the company, from top management, middle management and lower management. The operator acts and behaves differently.

3. Criticize different leadership styles in various management levels

Leadership style is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating...
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