Value Alignment

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Value Alignment
Elizabeth Anderson
May 2, 2011
Sarita Wesley

Value Alignment
Values are important to life. Every day the working class faces two sets of values. He or She has their individual values and the values of the organization he or she works for. This paper will analyze the origin and subsequent evolution of both workplace values and personal values. The paper will explain how individual values drive the actions and behaviors of people, and analyze the alignment between personal values and actions and behaviors. Then it will analyze how personal values align with those of another organization, and why it is important that personal and business values align. Origin and Subsequent Evolution of Values

One’s values are personal beliefs that guide one’s behaviors and decisions. Values are held deep with one’s subconscious and are integrated into his or her everyday life. Every day people make decisions and these decisions even if they are choices are impacted by his or her own values. One gains his or her personal values based on his or her life experiences. Personal values began to develop during child hood and as one grow older and experiences life he or she may drop some of these values and add others (Lopper, 2007).

Workplace values are much like personal values. As the business grows the companies values will change, and some will be dropped, and others will be picked up. In the beginning, depending on the size of the company the values of the company are based on the owner’s personal values. Workplace values set the guidelines for how the company is to make every day business decisions. Workplace values should promote extraordinary customer service by motivated, happy, and productive employees (Heathfield, 2011).

My personal values are family, honesty, integrity, success, dedication, and treat others as you want to be treated. Many of these like treat others as you want to be treated are values that I learned as a child and...

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