Value Alignment

Topics: Integrity, Value, Virtue Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: September 22, 2010

Value Alignment
Denise Allen, Lavinia Wright, Katrece Wade
University of Phoenix
Intregrated Business Topics
Rod Ramadan
Jun 28, 2010

Value Alignment
The values of Hewitt Associates derive from the organization’s mission which is “making the world a better place to work. Hewitt’s values consist of four points which are people, excellence, collaboration and integrity. The first point people derives from Hewitt’s will to treat employee’s, clients, customers, business associates and providers with the highest respect. During my time at Hewitt I have noticed the high respect one is shown amongst my peers. In a diverse setting in which a professional level of respect may not be expected. The value of people has continued to resonate with me in and outside of my work setting. The organization quest for excellence is shown through it dependability to bring resolutions to clients that exhibit eminence, trustworthiness, and improvement. The employee’s attains excellence in the course of personal initiative and constant progress of skills and comprehension, along with strong support from the organization. Excellence is something that I have always personally strived for. The will to be the best and provide the best of my ability made me a perfect employee for Hewitt Associates; however it is the idea of innovation that the organization instills that wills me to become better. Collaboration brings forth Hewitt’s personal ability to cater to clients and their associates with high quality service. Working collectively, Hewitt believes it can influence individual thoughts and contributions to bring forth greater outcomes, assisting clients, associates, the companies firms, business associates, and the companies suppliers. Collaborating with other is a skill that I have gained from Hewitt. Before Hewitt I believed that you should be the best you and above and beyond the rest. I have learned It...
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