Value Alignment

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Value Alignment Paper

Value Alignment Paper
Values for an organization should be considered as the central focus and people who operate under the National Security are certainly not an exception. Value can focus on the aspects that are more relevant for strategic leading and planning. Values are defined as those that have importance to or hold a significant value by someone. The “someone” can be an individual or a business. When it comes to a business, the imperatives for the vision of the business should be based on the organization’s core values. The United States Army once had their theme labeled simply as, “values”. The Army had listed four organizational and four individual values that defined them: duty, loyalty, integrity and selfless service. For the individual: competence, commitment, courage and candor defined the values instilled in each soldier that represents the Army.

Values embody what a business or organization stands for and should be the primary base for the behavior of the employee or members. It can be the case that an employee or member of the organization does not share the same values as what the organization implies. Disconnection between the organizational and individual values can lead to dysfunction. When there is a disconnect between operating and stated values it can be uncertain to figure out what is really acceptable. Two of the Army’s organizational values include courage and candor. One can state that officers are encouraged to have “the courage of their convictions” and express their disagreements publicly. This can be very beneficial in some cases; however, in other cases it can go terribly wrong. This also refers to society at a certain level. Principles in which a society functions on does not conform the principles that just happen to be stated. People of power can use force to suppress a certain debate for staying power. In certain organizations, such as the U.S. Army,...
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