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Topics: Real estate, Value, Real estate appraisal Pages: 3 (272 words) Published: May 6, 2013
M.Sc. Real Estate Valuation
2011 – 13

This project work is the original work done by shri. ----------------------------, for the partial fulfillment of the two years course Programme – Master of Science in Real Estate Valuation, conducted by Annmalai University through Directorate of Distance Education during the period 2011 – 2013, under the guidance of project Research supervisor shri -------------------------------------------.

The object of this project work is to achieve exposure on methodology of valuation, data collection, analysis, presentation and decision-making related to Real estate Valuation.

Modern valuation methods demand that a practicing valuer has a deep knowledge of the complexities of the valuation practices in India. Due to the ever changing face of valuation practice during the last few years, it has been interesting to observe the changes in valuation principles and practice. The changes in rent laws, land acquisition acts, property types, purposes, materials used for construction etc. results the need for updated knowledge in real estate valuation to get a practical solution for appropriate applications.



LIMITATION:(Residential Properties)


Procedure: Land & building Elaborate here the procedure step by step

1)Purpose of Valuation,

2)Site inspections,

3)Date Collection – Observations – Specification,

4)Perusal of Documents,

5)Calculation of Depreciation,

6)Analysis Rates, Evaluation of Values,

7)Abstract Value,

8)Factors affecting Value,

9)Final Value arrived for required Purpose and

10)Report Presentation with

11)GPRS Maps,

12)Table of Values,

13)Charts Showing Value of Land part, Building part, Amenities, Services etc..&


Case Studies1




References: 200 pages, 2 line spacing
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