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1. Name five job roles that can be categorized as a PC technician? Answer:
PC support technician
PC service technician
Bench service technician
help-desk technician
pc laptop repair technician
2. Of the four jobs in Question 1 which one might never include interacting with the PCs primary user? Answer
Bench service technician
The Bench Service Technician performs service work as needed on desktops, laptops and home computers that have been brought into the location by the customer. Responsibilities and Duties
Diagnose desktop / laptop problems
Correct faults or reinstall operation systems in desktop / laptops Make complete and detailed notes as to the resolution on service tickets Remove viruses, spyware, malware, etc from desktops / laptops Load line of business software on desktops / laptops

Compare compatibility requirements between hardware and software

3. Assume you are a customer who wants to have a PC repaired. List five main characteristics you should want to see in your PC repair person? Answer:
Have a Positive and Helpful Attitude
Be Customer Focused
Be Credible
Act Professionally
Maintain Integrity & Honesty

4. What is one thing you should do when you receive a phone call requesting on-site support before you make an appointment? Answer:
A. Identify Yourself and your organization,
B. Write down the customer's name and phone number
C. Obtain a license or warranty number
D. Have the caller describe the situation

5. You make an appointment to do an on site repair but you are detained and find out that you will be late what is the best thing to do?

Call and let the people know. Its best to give a three hour window for appointments for just this reason, and when your pushed to go to as many as you can these things happen.

Our cable company has a 6 hr window, where you must be home for the 6hrs or they put you way back on a waiting list. Example.

6. When you arrive for an on site service call how...
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