Valley Winery Case

Topics: Sales, Sales management, Human resources Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: May 1, 2005
The Valley Winery-Case 1.1
Is the management of Valley Winery doing an acceptable job of hiring and training qualified employees? Management is the foundation of a company. They are the ones that make decisions which could make or break a company. They personify how the company and employees should act. If one is driven towards perfection in sales, many other important areas of the business could be overlooked. For example, maintenance of long term relationships with buyers would be overlooked. If management is pushing the sales reps to just go after the sale at any cost, reps could be looked at as unethical and even too pushy. Valley Winery management encourages reps to lie about how many cases of wine are sold to buyers. This is unethical and puffery. Pushing these sales reps to call their ethics into question, what does that say about management? Pat Waller, employee of Valley Winery, was recently promoted to sales manager of the San Francisco region's chain division. When he arrived, he was shocked to find that such a successful division had such a horrible turnover rate. How was the San Francisco division of Valley Winery obtaining their sales goals? He began to investigate and found many problems that were mainly stemming from management. The hiring process of Valley Winery needs to be revised. Mike Wehner, personnel manager for the San Francisco division, believes that employment agencies provide the most qualified applicants. If this is true, would the turnover rate be near 100 percent? According…., employees acquired from employment agencies yield high turnover rates. Top management places too much of an emphasis on youth and physical attributes. Sales representatives of Valley Winery should be groomed and well kept. However, youthfulness and physical attributes should not outweigh qualifications for the job at hand. Looks are important but qualifications and experience would not be overlooked. Businesses have an image they would...
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