Valley National Bank

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Employment Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: October 26, 2013

In the process of acquiring another bank and increasing its assets to 12 billion dollars, the senior management at Valley National Bank has recognized that they need to make some critical decisions regarding the bank, if they want it to stay competitive in the future. Taking a look at the accounting department, there seems to be many human resource issues that need to be resolved.

Overall Accounting Department Issues:

There are several key issues just within the accounting department: There doesn’t seem to be appropriate organizational structure within the department. Employees have positions that they don’t belong in or they don’t deserve. There is a lack of payment equality. Some employees are getting paid more than what they deserve and some less. The accounting software isn’t being used to its full extent because of many of the employees are not familiar with it.

Specific Employee Issues:

Bob Phillips: Mr. Phillips went from managing 2 people to managing 10 people. He was not able to adjust and according to employees working under him, he didn’t explain what he wanted them to do. His subordinates did not have any direction. He is not a good manager and many of the good employees ended up leaving the bank because of him. He replaced good employees with others who were not very qualified. Overall, Mr Phillips is not a good manager and shouldn’t hold a managerial position. He does however have good software/accounting skills. Also, Mr Phillips has been having severe health and personal issues. Carla Goodman: Ms. Goodman was placed in charge of several people and given a promotion of two pay grade levels. She was unable to supervise and review employees and was freed of those responsibilities. Even though she was freed of those responsibilities she still got paid the same amount. She has had shouting matches with Mr. Phillips and Ms. Roberts also received a note reporting sexual harassment between Ms. Goodman and another employee....
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