Valivictorian Speech

Topics: High school, Debut albums, English-language films Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: January 22, 2006
I would like to welcome everyone here today. I would also like to thank the Board of Education, family members, teachers and friends for where the class of 2005 is now. I'd like to start with a quote from the song Celebration by kool and the gang, "There's a party going on right here, a celebration to last throughout the year, so bring your good times and laughter too, we gonna celebrate your party with you, come now let's all celebrate and have a good time, we gonna celebrate and have a good time." Today you are all sitting here on the verge of graduating; some of us are scared, some are overjoyed and some of us are saying hey it's just another day. Well what I am telling you is; take this day for everything that it's worth. This day represents the past four years of your life and as you look around, smile because we all made it together. Remember the good times and the bad too, but most of all remember the times we all had together. The times you forgot your homework and told your teacher the dog ate it, the times you spent with your friends, the times you laughed, and the times you cried. These memories can never be forgotten for they are all etched in to our heads. Now, let's take our knowledge from the past four years of our high school career, and use it as a foundation for the future. Remember when you were a freshman saying, "Wow, I can't wait to graduate." Well, we are all here graduating today, yes the future is finally here and it will be our past in a few hours. So look into the future and see the positive results that the class of 2005 can do together.

As freshman year began we all were a little bit scared entering such a big high school. To top that was 9/11, a day we will never forget. This day was a very serious day for all of us. We were all trying to figure out who had done such a thing and what might happen because of this disaster that occurred. I still can remember where I was that day. I was in health class and all of a sudden there was...
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