Valentine's day advertisments

Topics: Love, Chocolate, Advertising Pages: 6 (2094 words) Published: April 23, 2014
What is an advertisement? An advertisement can be used for many things such as trying to sell a product, capture on audience’s attention, portray the ideal man or woman, advertisements are merging all of those forms of communication into one. Throughout the world, customers can see many different printed advertisements, commercials and other forms of sales pitches to learn what the current trends are in society. For instance, Valentine’s advertisements are seen all over the place during the month of February. The Valentine’s advertisements such as “Fashion, Chocolates & Flowers and Fragrance” are target at teen and adults group. However, different types of advertisements will convey different meaning and messages, either hidden or visible. Love from bottom to top basically referred as couple wear. There are two advertisements that showed the similarities and differences. The similarities are the brands, figures, moods, themes, products and language whereas the differences are background and action. Both of the advertisements were advertised mainly to focus the buyers to wear couple denims during Valentine’s Day or any day. The first similarities that could be found from the two advertisements are the Calvin Klein’s brand. Calvin Klein jean is a very popular brand in United States of America. There are two figures from each advertisement. Both of them are male and female and they were believed to be couples from the way they posed. Third similarities are the romantic moods that were created through the actions from both lovers. Apart from it, sensual mood can be felt due to the grey background colour and the facial expressions that were shown from both of the couples. Besides that, Passion and romance are the theme for the advertisements because lots of hugging can be visualised from both advertisements. The theme is the main key to make people to understand the concept of the advertisement. People will know right away that the jeans are meant to be worn by lovers. The products advertised are couple denims and these are basically an American culture wear. The American celebrates Valentine’s Day and wears the couple denim. So, these advertisements are trying to get the buyer’s attention to wear couple denim on couple’s day. The differences are background and action. The first advertisement showed the background that it was located at the lake side. The lake side are usually calm and soothing because the river does not produce waves like a sea does. It is usually very cool and quiet. Therefore, it would be very romantic for couples to go there. Whereas the second advertisement’s background were located at the beach. The beach is breezy and the sound of the waves which comes together with the shores makes the place look very exotic. The couple lying on the beach with half naked body makes the mood wild. As for the action, the first advertisement showed that the woman is hugging the man. The plot from the action is trying to explain that the woman could be trying to persuade her man or get his attention. Whereas the second advertisement showed that the man is pinning down the woman. The plot from the action is trying to explain that the man is trying to be affectionate with her in a forceful way. The taste of love basically referred as the flavour that will produce love and romance in delicacies. There are many direct and indirect approaches which appeal to consumers while focusing on the presentational devices used in the advertisement. The general ambience for both advertisements are ‘romantic’ and the mood they create are expressed with descriptive words such as ‘surprised’, ‘loved’, ‘vibrant’ and ‘romantic’. The content of both advertisements had been set to a romantic mood, thus the setting of the advertisements need to be lovely, bright and carefree with the used of pictures, symbols, design, colours, persuasive words, description and slogan such as...
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