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Essay The Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy

The poem is written in the first person. Duffy gives her lover an onion in which represents St Valentines Day. The onion is a gift rather than a card or a rose, Duffy uses this unusual gift but in fact it’s a statement of love. The onion a (metaphor) is a strong ugly vegetable, not only does it show love but can show the inner beauty with in the onion itself. There are good points and bad points in love however there are consequences of what love can do. There are three sections in this poem first section showing love, how the onion is “wrapped in brown paper” which this indicates that it could promise the light and the “undressing of love”, this shows passion. Second section is very much in doubt it will “blind you with tears” meaning of grief this could hurt. Last section “lethal” meaning of death or deadly. Duffy strongly influences the moods and emotions in this poem. The onion is an extended metaphor which links the love and the onion it also creates memorable image.

The intention in giving an onion, is about their relationship where Duffy says for example “I am trying to be truthful”. And by giving the onion will show how love can be. The tone of the poem sounds aggressive with controlling words and phrases such as “possessive and faithful” and “fierce kiss”. Duffy is being blunt with her direct words this however reflects on the layout of this poem. Duffy tone is like a conversation by using the words “I” and “you” as if she is talking direct to the reader. Duffy confident she wants to be in control for example “Here” and “Take it” she is telling her lover what to do and by only using these simple one or two words, she is being forceful insisting she takes it like an obsession. Duffy tone starts on a negative “Not a red rose” or “Satin heart” the poem itself is bitter as for example the onion the bitter tease it leaves once cut opened. However the tone does change to a positive. But ends again...
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