Valentine's Day Is a Waste of Our Time

Topics: Love, Valentine's Day, Romance Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Dear Editor,
Have you ever been left by yourself surrounded by happy couples on that one day that we all dread? Single Awareness Day or otherwise known as Valentine’s Day is that day of the year filled with flowers, chocolate or stuffed bunnies with a heart shaped on their belly. It may sound wonderful and delightful, but YOU ARE WRONG! Valentine’s Day is that day, where girls are extra cautious (if they aren’t already) about their appearances. Not eating for a week, for an exchange of slim bodies and “confidence” in them. For an exchange of heartbreak and the start of serious depression that will one day lead to a fatal case of anorexia. Valentine’s Day is bad for us. Valentine’s Day is unnecessary. Valentine’s Day should be banned! First of all, Valentine’s Day isn’t even an actual holiday. It’s a commercial day to celebrate the love shared between couples. However, why is it that Valentine’s Day is the only day to celebrate love? What makes it so official, that people will think that it is the only day to go out to dinner with their partners, or to finally propose after years and years of desperation? Why is it, which people think, that Valentine’s Day is the only day, to profess their love to each other? Why! Valentine’s Day is also the day for girls or guys to boast about their three week anniversary and how, they are “totally in love” with each other. Like a show poodle, girls would parade around campus carrying a bunch of roses they probably bought themselves resulting in showers of compliments and happiness. Boys would probably race down to their partner’s whereabouts and as practised would ask “would you be my valentine?” This gesture may result in tears or a hard slap to the face, and the guy would most likely end up resenting this special day for a while. Finally, Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be the day to get romantic! There is always the other three hundred and fifty-four days to get cosy. Couples have been brain washed by the media to...
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