Valedictory Speech

Topics: Teacher, High school, Middle school Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: March 11, 2015
Valedictory Speech

Our Guest of honor, parents, friends, school mates. My dear co-graduates, teachers, staff, school administration, headed by Dr. Eulalia I. Marquez, District Supervisor – Imus, Cavite, Consultant. Mr. Arcangel Marquez, President. Ms. JadeleeI. Marquez, Executive Vice-President. The Board of Trustees, Ladies and Gentlemen. A very pleasant afternoon! Today is a memorable day for all of us because we have just ended an episode in our lives – elementary school life. Now, we are about to start a new chapter of our journey, the high school. Jose Rizal once said, “The youth is the hope of the motherland.” We studied in Great Mercy Academy so we could be equipped with adequate knowledge and skills in preparation for important roles we have to play in society someday, and most specially, to turn into reality the prophecy of our national hero, that we, indeed can be the hope of our beloved country, The Philippines. Now, I could simply say that we are empowered and productive student that could face new challenges towards new horizon. For I believe, that we are now equipped of all the things we need based from the experiences and trainings we had undergone from our Alma Mater. My dear co-graduates, the first step has been successful. “Ika nga, the roots of education is bitter, but the fruit it bears is very sweet.” The journey is long and laden with thorns but our accomplishments in this school are very rewarding. The patience and dedication each of us has  shown throughout our 6 years in the elementary are those what made us heroes like Jose Rizal. Our graduation today is the first of the series of accomplishments that we will surely achieve with the guidance of our parents and people around us. Everything in this world has a beginning. In our case, we  have just accomplished the beginning. We have started the first right move. Hence, there is no reason why we should fail in our future undertakings. Of course, we will not have been able to reach this...
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