Vail Resorts Sustainability Analysis

Topics: Sustainability, Social responsibility, Natural environment Pages: 4 (636 words) Published: July 9, 2009
Vail Resorts

Sustainability Analysis


Business 4630: Creating Sustainable Enterprises

May XX, 2009



Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development1

Opportunity and Risk2

Measureing Value2

Strategy and Execution2

Measuring Results2



This paper aims to evaluate the sustainability of Vail Resorts™ (Vail) and its role as a socially responsible corporation. The paper will …

Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Baron (2007) describes a socially responsible corporation as one that not only operates under the pressures and interests of its immediate market and environment, but also operates under the principle that it has a duty to society based on what it holds to be well and just. In this, Baron means to say that socially responsible firms go beyond what the market demands of them and attempts to serve society more broadly. In its annual report, Vail identifies “environmental stewardship” as one of the many dimensions of its business environment, including it along with other aspects of its business such as Terrain Parks, Snow Conditions, and Lodging and Real Estate development.

Under the Environmental Stewardship section of its annual report, Vail defines its duty as a company.

“As part of the Company’s long-standing commitment to responsible stewardship of its natural mountain settings, the Company has several initiatives in environmental sustainability which transcend throughout all of the Company’s operations. “

Vail practices sustainability throughout the company by using 100% wind energy to power not only its mountain operations, but also its lodging, retail, and corporate headquarters properties. Additionally, the company headquarters is a LEED-certified building. But Vail takes its responsibility one step further than simply operating in a ‘green’ manner by partnering with forest foundations to raise money for various...
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