vaginal hysterectomy

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‘Vaginal hysterectomy is removal of the uterus through an incision made in the vaginal wall and the pelvic cavity’ (Rothrock 2010, p. 446). The cervix, a physical part of the uterus, is also removed. In some cases, ovaries and fallopian tubes may be removed as well. Vaginal approach is generally chosen for a treatment of malignancy and prolapse of the uterus and presents less complications and faster recovery than the abdominal hysterectomy. Recently, a number of performed hysterectomies have a declining tendency due to more convenient procedures, such as endometrial ablation (IPART 2010). Prior to the surgery, an operating theatre is set up and equipped with all the specific gynaecology equipment, for example, a peri-table and yellow fins. Instruments and related items collection are checked against the surgeon’s preference card. For vaginal hysterectomies is always essential to have a laparotomy tray and an abdominal retractor ready if converting into abdominal hysterectomy (Rothrock 2010). Rothrock (2010) proposes that an effective surgical care planning to be performed by the perioperative nurses preoperatively and stresses the importance of obtaining information from a patient in person. Learning about medical history, pre-existing physical limitations or age-related issues is the best practice that leads to better outcomes in the perioperative care (Rothrock 2010). After the patient is anaesthetised and safely positioned , the operating theatre team attends to the time out to ensure all legal requirements are met, for example, right patient and procedure, valid consent, and known allergies stated . Bashaw and Scott (2012) emphasize that all theatre personnel need to pay extra attention to any related surgical risks.
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