Vaginal Birth vs. C-Section Births

Topics: Childbirth, Uterus, Vagina Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: November 10, 2008
Choices are endless when it comes to childbirth methods. The most common method of delivery, vaginal birth is thought to be the “natural birth.” C-sections on the other hand, are used for birthing complications due to medical reasons. Both have tremendous complications and different emotional and physical effects. Both should be taken into consideration and should be consulted with a medical professional. Although Doctors give their medical input on how women should give birth, shouldn’t the mother be the determining factor? Vaginal childbirth includes both labor and delivery. It is referred to as a process; making its way from the womb, down the birth canal and being welcomed into the outside world. This method of childbirth is spontaneous, the time of delivery is unknown and can happen anytime after 280 days after conception. During the first phase of labor, the cervix dilates to 10cm allowing the baby to pass through the birth canal. When labor begins the wall of the uterus contracts as the cervix expands. Labor can vary from women to women and can vary from 4 hours to 14 hours. During a contraction the fetus is pushed against the cervix allowing it to considerably stretch. Contractions will intensify and become more painful causing discomfort to the mother. Enduring this stage is difficult but women are encouraged to use breathing exercises learned in childbirth classed to cope with the intense pain. The baby will start to make its way down to birth canal and the women will be encouraged to push the baby out. As the baby’s head appears at the cervix and the newborn appears in the vagina. Gravity works in the mothers favor allowing the baby to push its way out during delivery. When the baby is finally out the baby’s mouth is suctioned and they take their first breath. Some birth don’t go as planned, and have their usual complications which include an Episiotomy; a small incision into the perineum to enlarge the vaginal opening. Other complications include...
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