Vacuum type hot-water boiler

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Vacuum type hot-water boiler
Vacuum Hot Water Boiler:
Product Description
High efficiency and saving energy: Using Korea vacuum hot-water boiler technology to make boiler operating in a vacuum state, Low boiling point, the latent heat of vaporization (latent heat), heat transfer, effectively improve the thermal efficiency, high heat transfer performance, the body of boiler use design of wet back with three return to effectively improve the radiation and convection heat transfer area. Thermal efficiency of boiler can be up to 91%.

High safety and reliability: Vacuum operation unit, hot coal in vacuum state, there is no danger of expansion and explosion. Having constant thermal coal water in the furnace makes no danger of ingredient. Multiple automatic protection devices have much higher safety than other boilers.

No corrosion and scaling, long service time: Using stainless steel thermal exchanger makes thermal coal operate in a closed state. No corrosion and scaling make its service life twice longer than ordinary boiler, which can be used for 20 years.

Variety model, one model many uses: There many types for customers to choose such as vertical type, horizontal type, oil-fired type, gas-fired type, water pipe, smoke pipe,

Small size and easy installation: Modular design, high performance heat transfer components, small size make it easy to transport. In a small space, multiple units can be used parallel.

Functions of environmental protection: Unusual environmental functions: Using high performance burner, designing back flame structure makes full fuel combustion. Every environmental protection indicators meet the state' emissions standards of tourism area.

Exempt from the complicated approval procedures: Units operating in the vacuum state streamline the approval of the pressure vessel, such as the annual evaluation procedures.

Intelligent control: Touch-screen display, virtual buttons, words and graphics display the situation of...
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