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Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B is a very safe vaccine. Most people do not have any problems with it. The vaccine contains non-infectious material, and cannot cause hepatitis B infection. Some mild problems have been reported

* Soreness where the shot was given (up to about 1 person 4) * Temperature of 99.9°F or higher (up to about 1
person in 15).
Severe problems are extremely rare. Severe allergic reactions are believed to occur about once in 1.1 million doses. A vaccine, like any medicine, could cause a serious reaction. But the risk of a vaccine causing serious harm, or death, is extremely small. More than 100 million people in the United States have been vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine.

Getting diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis disease is much riskier than getting DTaP vaccine. However, a vaccine, like any medicine, is capable of causing serious problems, such as severe allergic reactions. The risk of DTaP vaccine causing serious harm, or death, is extremely small. Mild Problems (Common)

* Fever (up to about 1 child in 4)
* Redness or swelling where the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 4) * Soreness or tenderness where the shot was given (up to about 1 child in 4) These problems occur more often after the 4th and 5th doses of the DTaP series than after earlier doses. Sometimes the 4th or 5th dose of DTaP vaccine is followed by swelling of the entire arm or leg in which the shot was given, for 1 to 7 days (up to about 1 child in 30). Other mild problems include:

* Fussiness (up to about 1 child in 3)
* Tiredness or poor appetite (up to about 1 child in 10)
* Vomiting (up to about 1 child in 50)
These problems generally occur 1 to 3 days after the shot.
Moderate Problems (Uncommon)
* Seizure (jerking or staring) (about 1 child out of 14,000) * Non-stop crying, for 3 hours or more (up to about 1 child out of 1,000) * High fever, 105 degrees Fahrenheit or higher (about 1 child out of 16,000) Severe Problems...
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