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Vacation to Dubai

By srinitya Aug 11, 2013 552 Words

17, Palm County,
Raya Darga,

July 8, 2013

Dear Lily,

Thanks a lot for the information you’ve sent me in your last letter. I am sure that you’re very curious to know how I spent my vacation.

This summer, I went to Dubai along with my family. It was a weeklong holiday. We took the Emirates airlines to reach our destination. Our accommodation was in a service apartment in Mariott Dubai Harbor Marina. It was a very spacious and luxurious apartment with all a lot of facilities.

The first place we visited was Ski Dubai, which is an indoor ski resort and one of the first one all around the world. Located in the Mall of emirates, the snow setting was very fun. The world of snow was meant for the ski lovers of any age, let it be old or young. We spent a joyful time skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. The curvy snow slides added a little bit of excitement.

With the height of about 828 meters one cannot miss the world’s tallest structure while having a trip to Dubai. Burj Khalifa is an amazing art of engineering. It contains and one 134 levels and the view from the top is stunning and beautiful. The sound and light show, which is in front of Burj Khalifa is a splendid and colourful experience.

We have also spares some time to visit “The Palm Jumeirah”. This enormous man-made island is a world wonder. The island is shaped like a Palm and hence is called as The Palm Jumeirah. One of the best parts of this island is “Atlantis”. This is a fun filled resort with a lot of activities and adventure sports. From snorkeling to the thrilling water slides, every single activity was remarkable.

The dessert safari was an incredible experience. We started with the bumpy car ride through the dry and hot dessert. After which, we rode the ship of the desert, “Camels”, Our journey ended with an fascinating belly dance and an lavish spread of delicious Arabian food.

Our next stop was “Ferrari World”. This is an touristy amusement park with gigantic roller coasters and enthralling shows all about the evolution of Ferrari. Your crave for roller coasters will definitely be fulfilled in this place with worlds largest rollercoaster. One cannot miss the beautiful scenery of the Dubai beaches. We have gone to the Marina beach and enjoyed the beauty of the water and swam through the salty water.

The highlights were the rich and traditional Arabic food, which was mouth-watering, and one of the best cuisines I have ever eaten.

No trip can end without shopping. The Dubai Mall is simply huge with a wide range of latest fashion trends and luxurious brands. The world’s largest gold souk with around 220 gold shops is a part of the mall.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable, fun, adventurous and marvelous vacation. We came back home with a lot of photos, shopping bags and unforgettable memories!

I am pretty sure you would love to visit this place. Hope this information would be helpful for you. Give my greetings to uncle and aunty and lots of love to your darling brother Sam. Hope to see you soon. Take care!!!

With lots of love,
Your loving friend,

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