Vacation: Provinces of Vietnam and Family

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 Where do you go in this summer holiday? If you can't decide, I will share with you a place where I had the memoable with my family. It's Nha Trang city. Nha Trang is a beautiful city. The weather is quite hot but the beach is very nice. In the morning, my brother and me usually ride a bicycle around the city. The traffic in there isn't crazy like Hanoi, so you can feel more comfortable when you travel. If you travel to Nha Trang, you can't ignore Vinpearl. My family had a extremely fun in there. We play together all day. There are many interesting game such as Giant Ferris Wheel, high speed trains... And if you want to escape the hot in Nha Trang, you can travel to Da Lat, which is city next to. You can feel better with cool weather in there. There are many flowers. So Da Lat is known as the flower city. Maybe you would love Da Lat so much that you want to be there forever. That vacation is unforgetable for my family. I hope you can experience that feeling.  •

 Today, I talk about my most memorable family holiday.It was trip to  Cua Hoi  beach when  I was  11 years old. Cua Hoi  is a beach,what is next to a famous Cua Lo beach in Nghe An province. When I arrived, I was really impressed by the beauty and quiet here. It contrasts with the noisy, bustling in Cua Lo beach. First we choose a room in a hotel near beach.It  enough to comfortable and convenient. Then we have lunch in a restaurant in hotel. We have been enjoying the dishes from the sea such as squid,shrimp,..etc…It really  very fresh and delicious.When the sun gradually  goes down ,my family goes out to sea together. Beach at sunset looks very nice. Those birds fly over the blue sky.Everything is peaceful.It is great !And then we swim and frolic in the beach together. At night we sat on the coast and chat together under sky with full of stars. The winds blow into from the sea so cool and comfortable. It is the most wonderful moments ,what I have ever experienced.I was so happy.!The following days, we continue to enjoy life on the beach and discover the interesting thing here.Life  is wonderful..! Because of busy work so my family have less time to travel together.So trips like this are really great. I love my family .!

 Hey guys! Have your family ever go to anywhere on holiday? My family had not ever. Because my father does not like that he  want not go travel and my mother is very busy, she has to take care of my young sister and my young brother they are very younger. So I always imagine that my family has a trip the beach  Sam Son or Cat Ba. I think about that trip and i can see the wind, a lot of algaes ,the beach is  large and the sunrise as well as sunset .Oh my God, of couse my family very happy and fun together. We will go shopping in the supermarket, walk on foot in the beach in the each affternoon, have a dinner together that is very relax. I wish that will happen soon. How about you? Which place do you choose go with your family on holiday? Sam Son,are not you? Have many where for you? Have a nice the trip! •

      When I was 15, my family had a holiday in Cua Lo beach. It was my most memorable family holiday and It was only holiday I went with my family. I still remember, We got up very early and had a coach to pick us. It was first time I went to somewhere by a coach and one is so terrible. I am sickness and vomit a lots. The coach ran about 4 hours, so we arrived. Then we had lunch in a restaurant, I ate a lot of fresh squid and I had poisoned, I was very colic and painful. My parents took me to hospital, they were worried for me. After a day in hospital, I got well. Following, my parents took me to the Cua Lo beach. The beach was very wide, blue and noise. My parents led me by their hand, we walked together around the beach. At the end of holiday, I knew manything in my life. •

Summer is the time we can discharge stress after one busy and pressure year. Many...
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