VPI Pet Insurance Case Study

Pages: 4 (912 words) Published: January 2, 2017

Formerly known as the VPI Pet Insurance, this insurance package is one of the options available in the market, with below average ratings. On Yelp, this insurance comes with 2 stars out of 5, and Consumer Affairs list this with 1 star out of 5 stars. According to collected reports, the usual complaints lodged against the insurance provider were low reimbursements, denied claims and unfair increases in insurance premiums.

Common Complaints Against Nationwide Pet Insurance

Also known as VPI Pet Insurance, this pet insurance provider has been at the receiving end of many complaints from the customers. For example, some customers were not happy with the customer support provided by the company, and some also called out the company for its deceptive business...

Also, there are some customers that complain that payouts are not given out immediately.

What about the excluded conditions?

According to disappointed customers, certain medical emergencies are not covered, even though there are vet and customer appeals.

Can I work with my personal vet?

Customers are given the chance to choose and work with their preferred vet. But there were complaints that some reimbursements are not processed and given, due to poor customer service.

What can we expect from reimbursements?

You can count on two types of reimbursements offered - benefit schedule and actual vet costs. In actual vet costs, you will be given reimbursements for the actual cost shown on the bill. In a benefit schedule, there are limits or caps on the payouts.

Is there a chance that coverage may be canceled because of pet age?

According to the details of the policy, the age of the pets will not affect the coverage. But if some insurance teams are to be believed, the company has raised the premiums of pet owner after an illness or accident of their...
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